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People judge you by what you do not by what you say.

You've spent your life building a business and now want to organise for the challenges of the next phase ...

Corporate transactions made easy


Business partner, 3Y Strategies (3Ys), will help advise and guide you through the emotional and challenging process involved in a corporate transaction to ensure a smooth transition into the next stage.

We act as your personal organisational team, working alongside your existing business advisers, to execute your plan and fulfil your ambitions.

Our policy is to carefully listen to your business objectives and your life vision before presenting you with strategic options specific to your long-term goals.

Our aim is to leave you with peace of mind and certainty that you made the right choice, and got the best deal possible for you, your business and your life.


Contact 3Y Strategies now and judge for yourself the benefits of being a 3Ys partner.


General enquiries


Mike Battersby, Director
Mobile: + 44 (0)7803 941495




We focus only on deals and carry little central overhead.

This enables us to offer a range of highly flexible pricing structures.

Our experience and director level commitment throughout the engagement means that you can confidently leave us to run the deal, while you run your business.